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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

LEGOLAND With The Fam!



Faham tak how excited we were haha!!
I've been wanting to take the kids somewhere for a holiday because they were sick for a long time and then i pulak sibuk and stuff. Kesian diorang takde activity sangat..
Then last weekend, we went to LEGOLAND which were 5 hours of drive from our place (*tears), but ahhhh... wish we could stay longer!

Here's why we went to Legoland:
There’s tons more to experience including our Brick-Or-Treat Carnival Celebrations, where we’re extending park hours to 8pm on 13, 14, 20 & 21 October, and kid (aged 3 - 11 years old) who come dressed up can join our Spook-Tacular Costume Contest, and enter the park for FREE*. Everyone is invited to also sing and dance along with our Brick-A-Boo Parade of Halloween Characters!
- Quoted from this link

Awesome kan! But please read the T&C k!

So we've got ourselves a Family Room at their Hotel, and we all loved it!
This parents room and the kids room are in one hotel room, separated by a sliding door. It's fairly spacious!

Ada extra katil kat bawah tu, where Isaac slept in because he rolls around a lot haha!

The fun bit: Lego figures everywhere!!

Nadrah clearly loving the top bunk =D

My travel necessities by Marzea


Ceh ceh Nadrah macam paham je tengok map =p

"macam ni la Nadrah"..

First place we went to see was this lego miniature buildings.

"Ummi look at that!!"
says Nadrah ALL. THE. TIME.
Which was good =) Memang a lot things to see!

Terpaksa dukung Isaac sebab dia nak tangkap the legos bahahaaa

Then we met Nadrah's Lego Boss!

Couldn't even take a proper photo coz they won't stay still! Except for the vader haha!

Just because =p
Skin by Marzea

Then Nadrah wanted to ride on this train thingy, which i was worried about sebab i know this girl is easily scared. But she insisted, so ok la!
Better try than never!

And to my surprise, she loved it!!

Yang kelakar nya, the slow ones that i thought she'd like, she didn't even want to get on pun.
My daughter dah adventurous.

Then we went to the castle here, where the Halloween fun actually held.

So many kids were in costumes, and this one is just superb! Cute sangat!

Nadrah & Isaac met their "twins" too!
Nampak sangat diorang ni tak bersungguh sungguh. Takpe, next year kita buat betul betul hahaha! =p

This kid is so cute!

After the costume competition (yes, ada competition and obviously my kids didn't win hahaa), these super cute lego people danced to ghostbusters theme song!

Are they gonna dance again?
uhh no.


Yes, it's the observation tower next!

Semua muka belacan

Then we went to some other kiddie rides tapi takde pics wuwuu.. It's ok!

So dah Maghrib tu, kita balik ke hotel. Chill, makan and then, sambung main kat lobby!
Kat lobby macam macam activities!
There was another area where there were some halloween stuff, but we didn't participate because the kids wanted to play with the legos.

Ehem. Kids.



Adults become kids again here. Hahaha!

And kids being kids, they built and then destroyed.
Oh well.
As long as it's fun! 

Around 10pm, sambung main kat dalam bilik!!

And then there's this treasure chest with some clues for us to solve.
We solved it!!

Dapat legos!! Weeeee!!!

So here's Day 2 at Legoland!
The morning scene here is quite hectic.
A lot of people rupanya kat hotel ni and we had to sit and wait for our number to be called. Good thing breakfast spread banyak! Kenyang gak makan.


Then, we were off to the theme park, again!

Nadrah is a good driver (as in she can really drive the auto toy cars even at my mom's and MIL's house) so this was easy peasy. She wanted to go to the bigger and more challenging driving place, but tak cukup umur. Oh well.
If you can't tell, it was SCORCHING HOT!
We were all sweating all over and super dehydrated.
And cranky. (Isaac & Nadrah, i'm talking about you guys)

"ummi always hitting the sides"

And because it was so hot, we spent most of our time in their stores!
"Where my homies at?" - Nadrah

Enjoying themselves in the shade hahaha!

Second day was kinda myeehhh sebab kids cranky, and then kita pun have to head home since the next day is Moonnnndaaayyyy, kerja day! 
Sempat kita singgah at my in-laws' house. But sampai je rumah, pulun i kena pack all orders for Marzea customers.

All in all, i really wanna go to Legoland again inshaAllah! Next time, i think kena one day theme park, and one day water park. Baru best!

I highly recommend you all pergi while tix for kids tengah free ni! 
And seriously, the tix is worth the price =)
We had tonnssss of fun!

*awkward sign off*

Monday, October 16, 2017

Unique Holiday On A Cruise!

Want a holiday that's unique and memorable?

I bet a cruise holiday had never been on that list of "things to do before ..." kan because it's very rare in Malaysia.
Well now, put it on that list! Because it is now possible!
Costa Victoria is coming to our side of the world and they're promising loads of fun stuff to do on board!

I think it'll be cool to travel from one point to another in a cruise rather than by other means of transportation. Unique kan?
And then, on board, there are live show entertainments, dancing and cooking classes, and even play activities for the kids!

Oh ya, did i mention that kids under 13 years old can go on for FREE?
I know right!!

There are many destinations you can choose from too!
Just go to their website, link is >> here<<.

And in case you're wondering, the cruise is muslim friendly! Which ultimately means, halal food!! Woooohooot!
Being on the cruise, passengers will feel the italian aura because it's themed "Italy at the Sea". So expect italian cuisine! 

They are starting sail this November, so please do check our their website and book a cruising holiday for you and your family =D

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

#UnitedMomsClub : Let's talk about Education!

Assalamualaikum Moms!

Welcome to the Club!

So episode 4 is up since last week tapi i forgot to update about it haha and it's all about EDUCATION!

So here's a true story. Not too long ago, i bumped into my high school friend at a shopping mall. She was with her daughter and was just after taking her entrance exam for standard 1. Sekolah kebangsaan ok.
She said that the exam takde la susah, but just imagine this:
kids, all about 6 years old, sitting at tables arranged like dalam exam hall, and all have to listen to the examiner's instructions for each questions. So kalau diorang tertinggal or terlambat, they'll have to just do their bestest.
It sounds cute, but i'm nervous for my kids already! Haha!

What i'm worried about is that the changes that they have to adapt.
Right now, Nadrah is in kinderkaizen, a playschool. I love the concept of play-learning because it teaches application mostly.

Spot Nadrah =p

So bila nak masuk sekolah, suddenly it's all exam-based je, and i don't like that we study to pass a paper.

I dah go through all of those years of doing just that - study to pass exam, and i hardly remember the things i learnt. What made me really understood what i was learning, were the times i spent as an intern and when i worked.

Anyway, enough mukadimah, and here! Have a listen!

What do you think though?
You have same concerns as i do?
How should the education be so that our kids can live up to their fullest potential?